Red Leg Brewing Co

            4630 Forge Street

   Every Sunday Afternoon

        12:30  - 7ish pm


The Rental At Austin Bluffs   

              June 18th

        4675 Templeton Park Circle

               5pm - 7pm

   108 Nano Brewing

          2402 Waynoka Rd

 Every Wednesday Night

       4:30 - 8ish pm


SuppenBar will be selling home style fresh soup with complimentary side dishes. Using only local and seasonal ingredients the daily changing menu will be balanced and nutritional.

Breads and pastries will be backed fresh daily with gluten free options available. Additionally a variety of healthy drink options including homemade teas and fresh juices will be offered.

Story Book Brewing

          3121 N El Paso St

    Every Friday Night

   4:00 - 8:30ish pm

We support our local farms and getting the best ingredients.

Smiling Toad Brewery

                1757 S 8th St

   Every Saturday Evening

          1:30 - 8ish pm






Phone : (510) 479-6089

E-Mail :

Opening Hours

Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday